Passion for storytelling


Established in 2014, WideAngle Films (WAF) is a reputable film production company based in Bogotá, Colombia. Our primary focus is financing and producing exceptional original films, aimed at captivating audiences worldwide. With a passion for storytelling and a commitment to excellence, we strive to deliver world-class films that leave a lasting impact.

Comprehensive Production Services

At WAF, we offer turn-key consulting and production services to international producers looking to take advantage of Colombia's attractive tax credits and exceptional production values. Our dedicated team provides legal, tax, and production support to ensure the successful realization of our clients' projects while maximizing the benefits offered by the Colombian film industry.

Your Trusted Partner in Colombia

We take pride in being a reliable and knowledgeable partner for all aspects of cinematographic production in Colombia. Whether you are a local or international filmmaker, our expertise and experience in navigating the intricacies of the industry will guide you through every step of the production process.

A Proven Track Record

Over the years, WAF has financed and produced numerous successful projects, earning the trust of prominent international companies and talents. Our collaboration with major industry players such as 20th Century Fox, NatGeo, and Sony Pictures speaks to our dedication to professionalism and quality.

We recently completed the production of "Freelance," an exciting feature film directed by Pierre Morel, starring renowned talents like John Cena, Alison Brie, Juan Pablo Raba, and Christian Slater. Set to be released in late 2023, the film adds to our list of accomplishments.

Looking ahead, we are thrilled to announce the premieres of "Sound of Freedom," "Aurora," and "El Bolero de Rubén" in the second half of 2023.


Unlocking Opportunities

By choosing WAF as your production partner, you gain access to Colombia's diverse filming locations, cost-effective resources, and the generous tax benefits offered by the government. Our in-depth knowledge of the local landscape ensures that your production runs smoothly and efficiently.

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Stay updated on our latest ventures and immerse yourself in the world of filmmaking by connecting with us on Instagram @wafcolombia. Let's explore the possibilities together and bring your vision to life with WideAngle Films.

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Ready to embark on your cinematic journey in Colombia? Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how our comprehensive production services can support your goals and secure the tax credits you deserve. At WideAngle Films, we are dedicated to making your filmmaking experience unforgettable.